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Frequently  Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first-time buyer. Can you provide me with more details on the sales process?

The first step in purchasing a home is to ensure that you are pre-approved by a reputable financial institution. This process determines an estimated amount of how much the buyer is qualified to borrow in order to be financially prepared to commence a purchase and meet contractual obligations.

As a prospective buyer, you will be asked to select a house type and lot. Once this step is completed, you will be asked to complete an application form which request particulars needed to prepare your Agreement for Sale, which is the contract governing the sale transaction from start to finish; legally binding both Vendor and Purchaser. A prospective buyer is also asked to indicate how the buyer plans to complete the purchaser, where using their own resources (cash) or through financing from a mortgage institution (in full or part).

After application submission, a deposit is required to secure the selected lot. Once the lot is secured, our Legal Department will prepare an Agreement for Sale to be reviewed and signed by you. The Agreement for Sale will set out the obligations for the Purchaser and Vendor to complete the sale. It is imperative that a buyer make note of and comply with the timelines indicated in the Agreement to demonstrate that the buyer is in position to complete the sale.

If the buyer is paying cash, a Letter of Hypothecation is needed from a local reputable financial institution or an acceptable undertaking from a Firm of Attorneys-at-Law stating that funds have been held to pay the balance that is needed to close.

What type of roof is used?

Stone Coated Roofing is used on all units.

Can I do an extension on my house after purchase?

Extensions are allowed in keeping with the approval of the Parish Council and relevant local planning authorities, in keeping with the covenants endorsed on the Certificate of Title. However, no alteration can be made to the front of any house. Extensions are restricted to the rear and side of the house and must be within the Parish Council guidelines. Also, all extensions are limited to the ground floor; you cannot add a second storey.

Can I change the colours on my home?

Yes - you can, but you must choose from one of the existing colour schemes within the Development in accordance with the Property Owners’ Management Agreement. The Sales Team will guide you on the colour options available.

Can security grills be installed on my home?

Security Grills are provided with the units and indicated in the schedule of closing costs associated with each unit.

Who is responsible for maintaining my lawn?

All homeowners are responsible for maintaining their own lawn and property, as endorsed on their title and in keeping with the Property Owners’ Management Agreement.

What does the house come with?

Each unit purchased comes with the standard complete features as shown in model units however it does not include the blinds, drapes, furniture, light fixtures, or appliances used to stage the model units. It does however include a solar water heater. It does not come landscaped with gardens.

Is there a monthly maintenance fee, and if so, what does it cover?

Yes, an estimated amount is provided for each development.

What changes can be done on the inside of my house?

You are allowed to make changes as you wish on the interior of the house. It is however important to be aware that that any damage/issues arising from or as a result of these changes will be the responsibility of the owner and not the developer.

Can the pergola on the Crystal be installed on the other house types?


Why do I need to supply a Tax Registration Number with my application

The Tax Administration Jamaica requires a Tax Registration Number (TRN) for the purchase and sale of land. t. Learn more here. If you currently do not have a TRN, Kemtek can assist you in obtaining one.

Can the images and videos on Kemtek’s website be used and incorporated on other platforms without notice?

No, any use of this website’s images and videos without prior written consent from Kemtek represents an infringement of the company’s intellectual property rights.

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