Son of the soil gives back to Brown’s Hall

Son of the soil gives back to Brown’s Hall

The community of Brown’s Hall in St Catherine, should, in the next three months, have its own health centre.

In fact, the type 1 facility, which is being built through a collaborative effort involving Kemtek Development, Omni Industries and the National Health Fund, will be possible through a donation from someone who grew up in the community.

Managing director of Kemtek Development, Sylvester Tulloch, whose company, through a partnership with Omni Industries, is responsible for the $25-million donation towards the infrastructure and equipment for the facility, said giving back to the community was a no-brainer for him.

“When Dr Tufton called me and asked if I would consider giving a clinic to the community, without hesitating, I immediately said yes,” Tulloch is quoted as saying in a release.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the health centre, which will provide maternal and child health care services in and around the community, was held last week Wednesday.

Tulloch, who was born and raised in Brown’s Hall, recounted his early days in the community while attending Brown’s Hall Primary School, and later where he went on to attain his first job.

In fact, three of his students attended the ground-breaking ceremony and lauded his generous contribution.

“He’s always been a good man, and today I’m glad to see what he’s doing here for the people,” said his former pupil Karl Wilson.

No stranger to giving back, Tulloch said: “When you have benefited from a community, it is good to come back and help others to benefit.”

He also said he hopes the people of Brown’s Hall will understand that the clinic, though initiated by Member of Parliament for St Catherine West Central Dr Christopher Tufton, is for them.

“The health centre is for the community of Brown’s Hall and its environment; I want all of you here in the community to own it, because you, your children and generations to come will be the ones to benefit from it,” Tulloch said.

In the meantime, Tufton also commended the generous donation.

“This is another indication of how partnership between public and private entities work and how they contribute to community development and the improvement of public health, especially through the services at the primary level. It is also an indication of philanthropic spirit that should be emulated.

“In this instance, these two main donors who came from the area, and who benefited so greatly, have decided to show their appreciation by giving back,” he said.

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